Arctic Accessories

Branding for the Architect Stylus

National Day Parade 2013
Designing for Singapore's 48th Birthday


Concepts / Websites

Arctic Accessories is a start-up consisting of product and creative professionals from around the world. Pushing boundaries in product design, creating inspired products that combine both style and functionality.

Web Design & Development

Concepts of the website was designed following the minimalist and clean design principles of Arctic Accessories’ launch product – the Architect Stylus. Project time for the website took roughly 3 months.

Branding & Packaging

The Arctic Accessories brand consists of clean, minimalist design with sharp visual cues. Designed to fit the looks of the Apple iPad and made of similar anodised aluminium, the Architect Stylus, is their launch product for the Arctic brand. Because the stylus is a high quality product, the packaging design is a high order and warranted something special. The packaging is designed with vertical orientation and  a unique preview window that can be opened/closed securely using a magnetic strip embedded in the high quality paper packaging. Let the pictures speak for themselves!

arctic5 arctic4 arctic6

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