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I built an e-Commerce website for Lifewinners’ Organic and Fine Foods, a company that brings organic produce from all over the world to the shores of Singapore.

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They needed huge usability improvements to their old e-Commerce website

They approached Marketlight for help, as their website had poor analytics, was not mobile-optimised and poorly designed which resulted in terrible loading times. Being the Lead Web Designer & Developer at Marketlight, the first step was for us to streamline the content hierarchy, as they have a massive catalog of over 200 different products, a huge array of categories and detailed descriptions. Next, we also implemented e-commerce performance analytics utilising the Google Analytics platform, so the staff at Lifewinners’ Organic can track the sales performances and analyse cart drop-outs.

Customers will checkout on their phones, but only if the experience is great.

Being the main goal of this project, a lot of emphasis was on mobile-usability during the development period, because it is well-known that mobile is taking over e-Commerce. Lo and behold, after 4 months since the launch of the new website, data has shown that over 40% of transactions were done either on mobile phones or tablets.


Buttery smooth checkout experience

The checkout experience is most important design consideration for any e-Commerce site. My goal was to ensure that it takes no more than 3 steps to complete the order. Utilising Stripe as a checkout gateway kept the experience as lean as possible, as it allowed customers to pay securely using Modal Windows. It is also ultimately more secure, as the user information is not stored on Lifewinners’ servers, but on Stripe’s platform which is certified to PCI Service Level 1, the most stringent standard in the payments industry.

Stripe’s Modal Window Payment Method, utlising Stripe.js