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Branding / Concepts / Landing Pages / Websites

I developed a brand and website for MarketLight, a Singaporean digital marketing agency with its analysis-focused marketing campaigns to help business grow in the digital space.

I built the website upon a consistent design language across all platforms and mediums, and it became the design benchmark at the company.

Not only did we require our website to be able to show off our Digital Advertising and Web Development product lines, we also wanted it to use it as a benchmark for what we consider Good Design. So we developed a design language for the website, in reference to its branding identity. The website followed an information architecture, a responsive 960px grid system, a color system, and had standard typography guidelines.

Distraction-Free Reading

No sidebars. No Ads. Just high quality content that speaks for itself. Call to actions are placed in the header to encourage readership, by allowing readers to skip between articles.



Brand Identity

MarketLight needed a new brand to represent themselves. Inspired by the youthful energy behind this company,  I designed a brand new logo and a new brand style guide to provide a new brand direction for the company and its employees. The visual concept is based on the creative spirit behind the technological advancements of the 20th century and a functionalist approach letting the work speak for itself’.