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Concepts / Landing Pages / Websites

Website design and development for The Music Parlour, now one of Singapore’s most popular professionally equipped jamming & recording studios.

Back in January 2016, the newly launched jamming and recording studio engaged Marketlight to build a website to aid in their marketing efforts. With the help of the founders, Jay and Jaz, it took about 2 months to complete. Not surprisingly, the freshly opened jamming studio had some raving reviews on social media, and coupled with some SEO-optimisation, the website attained a top ranking for the term ‘Jamming Studio’ on Google’s Singapore search results within a few months. Today, it is considered one of the most popular jamming studios in Singapore.

Landing Page Design and Development

The coherent brand image communicated through the landing page together with the website allowed The Music Parlour to generate a considerable amount of leads over the campaign. The landing page, performed at a staggering 4% conversion rate. You can read more about the case study here.